Letting Go 

I realize it’s much harder letting go than holding on. It’s hard letting go of people who never held on, it’s hard letting go of people who’ve held on for so long till their bodies disagreed with their decisions. I’ve learned it’s more difficult letting go of anything good because good itself doesn’t come around too often, and neither do people or opportunities. Some things you try your best holding onto and at times you tend to lose sight of the character you’ve established. Letting go could possibly free decisions, possibly close chapters, but even letting go requires the mindset of the will to live.

– C.A. Thomas

2 thoughts on “Letting Go 

  1. This is a great post. Coming to the conclusion that some things need to be released from your life is so refreshing. The hard part is actually realizing that those very things that you hold so near and dear to you may be gone forever but…trusting what’s on the other side of that release is the real test. Keep on posting! I love all that you are doing!

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