Romantic Thoughts 

Could I share my thoughts with you?

Nothing sexual but more of a romantic type setting. You see, even I realize how simple it is to fulfill a desire explicitly but right now I want you mentally. Let’s start off a bit slow, we’re passed the name phase, numbers already placed in “favorites” and right now you’ve managed to consume my thoughts. My thoughts begin with us paddling down a lake, the sun guiding us as the tune of Marvin Gaye hums beneath my breath. The outlining of your existence I trace repeatedly as my eyes promise never to leave you. The clouds are our music notes that we follow accordingly, such sweet sound we are together as the water ripples our new memory together. I wish to feed you all the trust in my fingertips with love as the dessert I took the time in preparing for us. You’re my romantic thought.

– C.A. Thomas

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