Vows….. (I Do) Part 1

On this day, your wedding day, our wedding day I envision myself at the altar. Standing before witnesses I exhibit the butterflies description, the very feeling that defines a memorable Christmas morning. The piano tune changes as the crowd stands upon the arrival of her. Heads turn, smiles are ignited…. there she is, face covered in veil, as the whip cream surrounds the tasteful strawberry. Her father guides her down a timeline of memories that flashes before my very eyes, the heartbreaks and tears I could never turn over are finally laid to rest. My future, my ending, my beginning is on it’s way to the palm of my hand on a day I’d never saw coming. She’s handed over in my possession, we’re facing the Reverend…. “Dearly beloved”….. – To be continued

–  C.A. Thomas

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