People have “walls” they place to prevent future misfortune or humanly disappointment.  I prefer the term “Layers.” We’re already equipped with emotions and our feelings are generated through time, seeing that before layers are introduced pure honesty itself is distributed before life alters the very two words that begins the very layer… ugly truth. Perception changes, taste becomes bitter as the view of Life reveals a whole new story that’s only explained from individuals who’ve exhibited the “peeling of layers” or exhausted all possibilities of loving the way their fruit (heart) truly aspires. People will come forth and initially peel our layers, some for satisfaction, gratification, selfishness or even genuineness. The very fruit of our possession are protected by these very layers designed for its true purpose….. for the peeling of someone capable of handling and loving the very details that defines  us a human being……. (peeling)

– C.A. Thomas

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