Looked Over (Option)

I’m absolutely certain many of you can touch basis on this very topic. As my gift to you I’ll break the ice and introduce you to a moment in my life where this very thing occurred. Years ago in my much younger days there was a young lady who caught my eye. The smile embedded within her DNA easily blinded all physical attributes she inherited. As the shy “Clark Kentish” type of guy I was I made momentarily efforts in orchestrating events in capturing her attention. Once she took notice my esteem enhanced to a new level of dominance that I felt required to maintain her balance of visual. It was only a matter of time in understanding the phrase “good things coming to an end” with a guy who’s demeanor is completely opposite of mine. He comes along, makes her laugh, wordplays her curiosity with enough convincing to establish myself as the “option.” Soon the option becomes a few “hey or hellos” through passing, leading up to the beginning of a relationship with the wrong person. From that moment on I realized that each of us are options to someone who’s intentions are to single out choices that concludes the best decision as a final achievement.

You’re the final achievement to someone who treats you as the priority.

– C.A. Thomas

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