Time never stops, never sleeps yet it breathes as much as us. I wish I could bargain with time in hopes of revisiting the past. On this rewinding adventure I’d relive my first kiss, prevent my first encounter, warning my younger self the dangers of manipulation and heartbreaks. Along the way I’d visit my great grandfather, trying my best in convincing him the repercussions behind smoking, the embracing of my great grandmother in hopes of her dodging a fatal stroke. I’d warn a best friend of following a dangerous path, instilling the idea of his child desperately needing a father, an argument I encountered with a woman that could’ve prevented a fatal collision on I-20. Time is no friend of mine, time never agreed to work on my behalf, time never shows favoritism nor does it grieve over the loss of anyone who no longer decides their own fate. I tried relentlessly racing time with every inch of breath my body could take, gasping reminded me that time always wins. Time shall continue moving on…… so shall I.

– C.A. Thomas

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