Vows….. (I Do) The Conclusion

“Dearly beloved”, today we’re gathered here to witness these 2 individuals who shall be united as one. Every wedding has the story that many are anxious yet so inquisitive on researching. As the beginning of a foundation that begins with the words “I do” leaves the memorable finale to a dream so many fathom to share. As I stare through her Veil, the smile that immediately melted my guard of defense helplessly snatches away the very words I wish to express…. here goes…. You’re the closest I’ll ever get to Heaven, an angel I’m honored to entitle “my own”, if love is as gentle as you then I know I have nothing to fear. There’s no star that could ever shine the way do, no Christmas that could ever merry without you, no day that could fulfill my tomorrow without you, my everything would be nothing without you. I give you this ring as I give you my soul, trusting you with every breath I am, with every dream I have and every forever we’ll have together. I Love you, I appreciate you, privileged to be with you till the day we separate through eternal passing…. always and forever more.

– C.A. Thomas

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