Trust (Don’t Give Up On Me)

You’re the most vital thing that concludes many “Happily Ever After’s.” Without you where could happiness reside? Without trust where could respect find a place to park? Where would honor lay its head, where would integrity have a place at the table or noble in the laundry room washing despise with forgiveness as the detergent? Trust marries respect that gives birth to loyalty, leaving its offspring as the very family that proves thicker than appreciation. Trust, I come to you now asking that you never give up on me. Expose me to genuineness, show me the real in people, bring forth all good that’ll ease my theories to rest. Show me that you’re not some myth others discuss through anger or confusion. I believe in your trust, resurrect the good within my heart so I may pass it on as a gift to others who crave your essence. Show me how to love you, teach me to respect you, I know you can do this…….. I believe in you……. don’t give up on me.

– C.A. Thomas

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