Tasteful Waterfall

She’s the waterfall I remember vividly. The way her texture displayed such an incredible view. She laid there pouring nature’s intentions, as I stand from afar fascinated at life’s predictions. She lures me over with a handful splash, navigating the cheeks of my very face as astonishment leaves me speechless. I remove the fabrics of my linen, anxious yet curious of the revelation being revealed before me. Slowly, I allow the stream to surround my entire structure, feeling every inch of me consumed by an indescribable dream. She soaks me, covers me, bathes me in such delicacy as my eyes focus on the beginning of her creation. She contracts me with such an amazing pull I immediately slip under such clearing visual, my mouth filled with every second of her, forbidding my refusal of releasing a taste I’d never recollect….. I can’t help myself, she tastes so damn good.

– C.A. Thomas

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