I dedicate this to my friend Deunta Jarvis…… RIP

This very post was my mother’s idea. “Give the viewers a moment of your life, don’t hesitate to invite them in.”

I’ll always remember “21”. 21 changed my life, for the better and worse. Seven months before my 21st birthday I found my biological father. The encounter literally scared me beyond assumption, the acceptance of new blood or the rejection of false hope. My father entered my world at the precise moment I needed him, gaining the overwhelming feeling of a child needing his father solidified my wish in the affection of a hug. Little did I know, a childhood friend I lost touch with had passed 3 months after 21. His name was Deunta, the fastest runner to ever touch the green of Glenn Hills. Not coming to terms with his death kept me from the funeral, mentally I wasn’t prepared in saying my final wishes to a ghost. Nothing held my tears until learning Deunta’s saving of ten lives, organ donors gaining a new sense of hope from a guy they’ll never encounter. My friend lives on through survivors, he’s right here with us, I’ll always be proud of my friend…… I’ll always remember “21”

– C.A. Thomas



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