Depression (My Next Door Neighbor)

Depression was the next door neighbor I had no intentions meeting. It moved in on a day I’d yearn companionship. Loneliness began as disappointments made life much difficult to process. Disagreements and confusion were all depression needed for an invitational visit. On a day where the clouds were glooming over the sun depression catches me at my lowest, sitting alone in such a dark thought I found myself on the very steps of depression…. knocking on its door, it welcomes me as the happiness I once owned was left behind. Depression consumed my mind as the door closed, eating its way through my thoughts of who I was. My body no longer of use for the disease began fading away my physical form. Caring succumbed to the numbness of my emotions, leaving a feeling I remembered so cold. Lost was all I could recollect of this experience, to survive is what I needed to destroy this coldness. Depression is no longer a neighbor of mine, nor will it ever be. *Packs bags*

– C.A. Thomas 

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