Happiness (Out Of Reach)

Happiness, out of reach it seems. No matter how close I become, it slips through my fingers as the very air dying to breathe. If happiness acquired a taste my memory would grow scarce, forgetting the ingredients to achieve such an amazing dish. I’m reaching yet growing so weary of something I barely remember. I’d give anything for a piece of happiness, just a small incentive would crave my appetite. I’d embrace happiness every day if I could, hoping it’ll kiss me with inspiration to feel complete. Happiness may seem out of reach…… and I’ll never cease reaching till I achieve it. 

– C.A. Thomas 

4 thoughts on “Happiness (Out Of Reach)

  1. Happiness lies deep within the soul of a person. Dig deep, and get on the vibration of happiness being grateful for the smaller things, and allowing the law to attract more and more happiness for you in the universe.

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