Black Men

Black Men, what happened to us? Our women no longer acknowledging us as Kings. The term “Nigga” spoken so loosely our generation have accepted it as collateral to distinguish immature behavior. Pants below the waist, excessive profane language with gun toting as a mandatory tool for survival. What happened to our Black men? Why did Malcolm speak, why has Martin preached, what purpose did Rosa express in refusal of giving up a seat? Cemeteries are becoming more familiar, creating the possibility of reaching 21 an impossible goal to achieve. Our Black men, leaving single mothers to raise their legacy, alone in a world where direction, guidance and protection are required. Black Men, increasing numbers through incarceration that makes us an easier target to chastise, destroying the very idea of substance in our black men. Why do our women look down on us? Because we no longer value ourselves as men, we’ve dethrone ourselves as royalty, making it harder for our women to identify dominance. Strikes are against us, opportunities become limitless, as negativity immediately spoken down on us. My black men…… together we can change…… together we can grow…… together we’re black men.

– C.A. Thomas

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