Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions describes who we are, our capabilities and the very conditions of what it takes to deal with us at our most vulnerability. Any struggle promotes triumph if the battle is fought together, fulfilling the journey itself if the very two beings are devoted to creating happier times. No matter how fantasy intensifies inquisitive thinking, reality delivers the true nature of a human being and situation that’s encountered. Not everyone’s entitled to your terms & conditions but there are few who’s either eager or hesitant in signing. The eager are memorized, the hesitant are cautious as how each of us should thoroughly view from multiple angles. Little do we know, it is our terms and conditions that bring forth a truer version of someone who’s read you carefully, pondered on the benefits and repercussions yet remained focused by signing on the dotted line. Our Terms & Conditions define us, our happiness……. each other.

– C.A. Thomas

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