Deep Thought

I’m stuck in a place where truth is revealed but my heart is hesitant in receiving the very thing that could free me of mental blockage. Truth exposed my eyes to situations and people who’ve taunted my kindness, tears were only a map that were drawn and calculated carefully from the very being I’ve yet to embrace. Somewhere along the way my sight became blinded as my heart lead me on a path where coldness greeted me through my physical actions. I’m confused at this very point on how to start or finish the requirements expected of me to fulfill. If writing is my destiny my words shall form the very path I’ll follow…… I only dream of becoming the best writer the world has ever known, the best illustrator the world has ever touched, the most poignant writer who’s recovery will reach the eyes of the weak. I refuse to travel this journey alone, I refuse to remain in deep thought, my purpose is now……. thanks to you.

– C.A. Thomas

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