Hero (The Cycle Within Us)

Could our very past define us as Heroes? I often question myself this at times. A past I’ve come to terms in realizing I was never accountable for. My past could become someone’s impervious future. Our past could define us in many ways but the good within us distributes the cape others will tug in hopes of flying. Little do we know we’re all multitudes, flying on our own course of the things that makes sense of who we are…. I call this being a “Hero.” Refusal never adjusts with a hero, settling never agrees with a hero and most importantly a hero is never silenced. A hero needs no recognition through identification, similarities nor comparison to establish examples. Our children, our peers, our devotional well being justifies this amazing “cycle within us.” It is our struggles that keeps our soar above the clouds momentous, the compassion we practice leaving our mark of impression on the very eyes who never looked away.

We’re the heroes.

– C.A. Thomas

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