Behind Closed Doors 

She’s cool and all in person but I wonder what she’s really about behind closed doors? I’m thinking she’ll push me on the bed, ripping off every inch of cotton as it reveals more of my caramel for her tasting. Maybe she’ll wear that sweet scented perfume my tongue devours as the vessel of my powerful meaning delivers the stroke of destruction. I love the way her shape is detailed, delicious toes I could suck on till her tremble begins opening such a breath taking view….. swallowing the very flavors of her genetics as her moan becomes my personal ringtone. I wonder if I could control her eye rolling? Keeping her focus as I write my name all through her….. in cursive, embedded deep within a wall glorified just for me. She needs to feel this, she needs to taste this, she needs to experience this….. behind closed doors.

No more curiosity…. just you and me baby.

– C.A. Thomas

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