I dedicate this to anyone who’s struggled with suicide….. you’re on this earth to fulfill a purpose. Live on, Love strong, Learn diligently.

You’re contagious, you’re a disease that shall no longer clasp itself on the cerebral of this very being. You’re no longer of importance in my life, purpose surrounds me as it thrives on the passion I now possess. Nightmares you’ve beleaguered me, alone as entrapment secluded my mind into a darker, deeper depth that swallowed an innocent conscious. No longer petrified of you am I, terrified would only raise hope I have no desire of inhabiting. I’m unimpeded of you, refraining in drowning sorrow as joy began swimming in my tears. My life requires more of my heart, my love, my strength and my struggles you’ll never contend. I’m here to remain, to fulfill my wishes……. vacancy no more, overnight stay no more, renting out no more……. this is my farewell to you suicide.

I’m free.

– C.A. Thomas

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