Whisper (Our Secret)

Getting so close to you is all I need. Whispering our best kept secrets no one would ever perceive. Just you and me, intended as it should be with our eardrums massaged in smooth vibrating echoes of tenderness savored in enrichment. Revealing honest, confessional candor leaves my breath covered in mint apprehended from your lips, laughter blending as music beautifully written in our presence. Closeness overshadows us, consoling you with each word I’m honored in sharing, creating the inevitable for a journey I’m hoping to embark. Enlighten me with your whisper, exhale your gentleness over me, focus my tomorrow on your today so our togetherness becomes everyday. Let our happiness become our sweet nothings, our whispers exchanged for kisses and our secret foretold through our children’s children. The best part of it all…… tickling you with my whisper in places my tongue only affirms.

Can you keep our secret?

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