Dying Alone

You’re dying, standing there watching you knowing there’s nothing I can do to prevent this pain you’re feeling. I wish I could pray hard enough to remove the conviction of your suffering, receiving your puckered kisses distracts my sadness with a second of laughter…. not realizing your way of displaying such comical mischief through antagonizing defeat. Tears on the verge of filling my lids I restrain, seeing your teardrops fall as I carry you on to retire for the evening. Death is closing in, thinking I could surpass this seasonal sadness…. I was completely wrong. She’s holding on, she’s smiling, she’s frowning, she’s speaking to the familiar of the unknown, she’s asking questions……. I’m shocked yet afraid at this moment. Please don’t go, don’t leave me, not just yet. One more Thanksgiving of your exhilarating meals, one more Christmas of your homemade Red Velvet cake….. just one last time. :-(…………… I Love you grandma.

– C.A. Thomas 

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