No Longer Of Convenience.

I can no longer be of convenience to you. Jumping at the sound of a text, running anxiously towards the ringing of a phone bearing your face, driving speedily towards a damsel in distress. Why entertain a fantasy if reality resembles nothing closely? Waiting patiently proved longer than a rising sun, yet I dodged opportunities in hopes of awakening from a comatose state. Demonstrating love was the easiest, remaining a friend seemed more difficult than I imagined. Releasing a grip I’ve held many years by far the toughest I’d ever achieve, only hurting myself through devaluing time and effort in the requirement of loving someone who refuses to share eyesight. Thank you for instilling confidence within me, allowing me to exercise every accountability of becoming the man worthy of a woman who not only appreciates, also obliged in receiving such tenderness with care as the additional bonus.

From this moment on I’m no longer of convenience to you.

– C.A. Thomas

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