The Perfect Love Letter

My Dearest Love,

There’s not enough oceans to reflect my love for you. Not enough shining of the moon to ignite a brightness within you. Stars establishing our time spent, written letters expressing timid honesty with each other. Words serving as the appetizer I intrigue, speechless the meal course I serve with a hint of devouring you for dessert. This love letter won’t ever surpass perfection, these sentences folded and tucked away inside of an old shoe box like memories rekindled in time of need. Perfect identifies with me spending time in your presence, neglecting time as it speeds away seconds I’d never regret in gaining. You deserve a letter worth writing, worth investing every emotion into, every word requiring multiple drafts till satisfaction publishes the unforgettable tear jerking smile….. promoting the desire of soaring beyond capabilities.

P.S. Don’t open this till I’m gone.


– C.A. Thomas

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