My description of a soulmate…. when I know something is wrong, a slight premonition guiding my fingertips to a cellphone that calls you. Noticing a distinct tone in your voice, easily detected through my compassion driven by you. Using words of comfort in delivering you through trials you’ve managed to overcome. Loving you beyond sexual comprehension, the thought of you ignites the goodness I’ve hidden for so long, with a photo of you displayed on that very cellphone I’m priveleged to view. Do you think of me as much as I ponder on you? Somehow I believe so, describing what I feel without indicating if it’s real. As you’re sleeping yesterday’s experience I’ll remain where I’ve always resided…. viewing a cellphone hoping I’d see that smile I couldn’t imagine living without……. a soulmate I’m honored to voice. 

– C.A. Thomas  

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