For her,

Hesitation never exists when it comes to you. Although at times I’ve wondered how you truly are when the curtains close, the lights dim and the cheering of friends and family echoes to a silence of meditation. For years I’ve been in awe of you, the tiny voice I’ve mimicked, the high pitched laugh I remember so well with the removal of a mole many have forgotten. Frequent trips to feel your honesty’s embrace, the way your presence brought forth many strangers who admired a smile from afar. Why am I writing this? As a reminder of how special you are, how easy for others to adore the idea of loving the amazing woman you’ve become. The kinda love easily depicted through reminisce. Special remaining the understatement when it comes to you…. you’re the beautiful genius filled with such life and magic that’ll never be overlooked nor forgotten, ever.


C.A. Thomas

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