My day begins at 3am. Light switch on, cellphone playing the tunes that identifies my morning mood. Toilet water flushing, shower head washing away last night’s relaxation. Towel dries my restoration, patterned boxers securing the jewels of my fruition with a buttoned up freshly ironed. Axe deodorant glides beneath my pits, lotion blends through my skin with a Hanes T-shirt covering my chest. Slacks are on, buttoned up comfortably secured with a necktie resembling the fading of a shirt I’ve worn many mornings. Crocs are on, teeth are thoroughly flossed, brushed and rinsed with a keypad quickly awaiting my departure. Code is set, alarm chimes, door opens then closes…… this is my life….. the opening routine of day.

– C.A. Thomas

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