Outer Shell (Opinions Of Others)

If I could step out of my own skin I would carefully observe the very details of myself. Beginning with the way I walk, such a pigeon I stumble over the simplest uneven areas that even an architect overlooks. My grammar follows, pronouncing the finest words to ever grace the pages of a dictionary in fine print. To speak with such intelligence, with character and diligence leaving it impossible for anyone forgetting my presence. Physical attributes are shifting, eye sight becoming more blurred as the weight of my 5’10 balance  adjusting in the 200s. Instructing myself on eating healthier, exercising regularly may not necessarily promote a longer youth although challenging myself in hopes of beating an odd’s end could rectify such an endless opinion. The opinions of others could easily dictate our very own eyesight. Producing a more clearer perception of the person we could deny without observing the magnifying glass. We’re the outer shell constantly worrying about the opinions of others…. when the opinions may never lead to a justifiable perspective.

– C.A. Thomas

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