May 1st, 2018 was indeed the scariest and most surprising day of my life. Early that morning I received news that I was expected on becoming a father. Nervous and afraid I shared the news with few who are closest to me. Upon learning the news came the devastating moment of also learning that my unborn child was in the high percentile of being miscarried. Depression paid me an unexpected visit that kept me isolated and quiet for many weeks and on the day of our ultrasound we were told that our baby had already passed. The would’ve been mother of my child has become the therapy I desperately sought out. The sight of her brings joy that entices my advantage of learning to smile once more. I crave her hugs, her tenderness I miss at times when I find myself all alone. Although we’re not together my heart has reserved a special place for her. Plans are subject in changing but I’m learning to accept God’s plans are much bigger and sufficient than my very own. To my unborn child who’s now with the heavily father himself…… I love you.

– C.A. Thomas