The Value Of A Penny.

Crave attention so much I’d pay a fee of service. Is it worth the price? For a limited amount of time in getting to know someone in hopes of guessing the nature of their well being? I reach in my pocket only to discover lint and a tarnished penny. A penny I observe closely as I reveal the year it was established. (1983) it reads, the year I was conceived and brought forth into a world where people would spend their last to impress a desire that requires more effort than an honest hug. Attention is the accident we’ve all practiced, closely succeeding only in failing with attention overlooked by the fantasy our seekers discover in another. We’re the penny that carries more value than its price. Our worth multiplies by the person who’s willing to save and cherish the penny for two reasons: where it was found and how it is cared for.

– C.A. Thomas

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