Reset (A Fresh Start)

A button with a label that could alter the course of many mistakes, many errors, many signs of guilt potentially defining the way we are, how we’re functioning as human beings. If a fresh start involves the push of a button, literally wiping the pain, the misery, the sadness, the suffering, where would that leave us with knowledge or wisdom? Possibly exposing us to the beginning of innocence before introduced to lies and deceit which forces us in creating a barrier hoping to never experience such dark details ridding our happiness. Maybe our reset is prevented from no longer making us oblivious to the obvious we overlook, or refusal in partaking through noticing. The logical theory we learn is understanding many things we have no control on, yet we’re constantly ridiculed and judged if not faulted for situations we never ask for.

Would you “reset” if the opportunity presented itself?

I wouldn’t.

– C.A. Thomas

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