A Better Me

Did she walk into my life by accident or on purpose?

She asks random questions that peaks my curiosity of her intentions.

The questions become the mixture of concrete forming at the base of my unbalanced standing. As if her smile with questioning slowly prepares the molding of a man I believe she needs me to be.

The main question asked “do you attach easily?” Shifts my response to a solid “no”. Already guessing that she’s already attached.

What she doesn’t realize is that I’ve already attached myself to her. Wanting to learn this woman, understanding this woman the appropriate way. Earning this woman’s trust, respect, and love that I would vow to protect.

To achieve becoming a better me I need to surrender myself to God. Identifying the failures of a man who refuses to put away childish acts.

Recognizing that no man cannot lead if God isn’t being chased.

This I know, this I interpret clearly.

She believes in me, she convinces me that I could do anything, becoming anything more than myself.

She’s inspired me to become a better me.

– C.A. Thomas

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