Disappointment (Perception’s Reality)

Has disappointment become apart of the normal? Do we as beings rely on this train of thought in hopes of defending our very own feelings, depriving our happiness? It’s crazy how our expectations of others could be so low, less hopeful, quick in pointing out flaws that narrates the characters we’re known to portray. Giving up on one another becomes easier to accomplish than realizing the power of influence we could have on one another. It doesn’t take a genius to identify this nightmare of disappointment but relying on it only creates harder in convincing. Only we can disappoint ourselves, not the individuals we easily rely on for assistance.

– C.A. Thomas


It’s amazing how we all can empathize the same feelings yet project them differently. Displaying a cry for affection and love with millions of people as if we’re all drawing the same lottery pick. Lonely does create darker moments, more reflection of self for a special someone we’re hoping who’ll awaken us from a weary dream. Although lonely strengthens you at times it does weaken possibilities with desperation, leaving yourself vulnerable to the slightest indication of dishonest attention. If lonely taught me anything the lesson was this…… this too shall pass.

– C.A. Thomas

Wasted Years

Years fly, like seconds lost in the blink of an eye. Where has time traveled? I used to criticize my life for the time I've wasted over the years then it occurred to me… time was never wasted. At this moment, how I'm feeling right now I haven't wasted anything. Hurt, agony, tear shedding and anger were the very clouds surrounding me over the years. I've always carried this darkness of an attitude I tried so hard in disclosing but the good inside of me promoted more laughter for the enjoyment of anyone willing to listen. No such thing as wasted years if you're learning something. As a bonus, I now have you guys (audience). Believe it or not, you're teaching me a lot about myself and I'm very grateful and privileged for this.

– C.A. Thomas

Starting Over

Removing pictures off a wall scattered in hammered nails. Fresh paint covering memories, removing triggering flashbacks as I now detail a new insight of home. The sleepless nights have gotten better, the echoes of a familiar voice are now gone, all I hear is peace in the distance. Starting over is a new kind of different, a new kind of idea I once was hesitant in fulfilling. My heart wishes to create new memories, the hopeful memories including a wife and children with a tiny little dog that keeps us all going. With a new toolbox already purchased, tools to begin my new found journey I'm almost ready to begin.

Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey called "Life".

– C.A. Thomas

Personality (For The Ladies)


Your personality speaks volumes. It rings in our ears the melody of sweet tunes our thoughts process vividly after the introduction. Looks are only a preview of the presentation presented in the format of a personality humbly receiving the standing ovation. Never let anyone bring you out of your element of charisma, it's the chance you're willing to give us that enhances our maturity beyond meaning. It is you who allow us to become the better version of ourselves, projecting the best we'll ever become because of your love, your grace and devotion to our well being. "I love you" will never be enough in showing the gratitude you deserve…. because there's no us without you.

Take Off

Preparing to board my first flight. Staring below the clouds, headphones on low with blue surrounding my entire being. I wish I could've experienced this many years before but opportunity couldn't have picked a better moment in teaching me what the world has to reveal. Flight takes off in t-minus 57 minutes and counting. This is the first of many adventures to follow….. stay tuned.

– C.A. Thomas


As a child I remember wanting to become the strongest kid in the world. I'd stand behind parked vehicles, lifting as if Superman were training me to develop the strength of a hero. Reality explained that strength comes from within, believing in you as doubt surrounds your subconscious. Mental strength is what makes a person, defying the odds by overcoming obstacles changing rapidly. Strength is what you taste, breathe, at times you even dream of strength adopting your mind as it guides you through many trials of tests. These words you're viewing are heavy……. all you need is the ability to focus, realizing the strength already lying within you.

– C.A. Thomas

Not Enough Words

Not enough words to explain how I feel, music turned up, windows rolled down as the air brushes my face. Bypassing hurt, exiting anger with the construction of self slowly working against unfinished time. Finding the words in description of my heart cannot be searched, GPS displaying out of range leaving the reliable compass of direction spinning. I wish my words could assist me on the journey of finding my way but sometimes….. there aren't enough words to clarify the emotions running through my mind, not enough words to pinpoint my own happiness or even the beginning of what I'm destined to finish.

– C.A. Thomas

Egg Shells

The things you say or do never meets the approval of someone's taste. Wondering if it was something you've said or done to end something you once believed hopeful and promising. Truth is, egg shells are not to be walked upon for the likes of anyone. A genuine individual will like and accept all that define you without any effort of change. Some people will find fault within you that may not even disturb your awareness, playing victim within a scenario that will totally leave you confused and full of questioning. The point is…….. the egg already fragile will crack eventually, don't be the one cautious enough to walk the shells.

– C.A. Thomas

Show Me Your Kinda Love.

I’m interested yet intrigued in discovering your kinda love. Teach me the ways of understanding you, appreciating the sound of your experience as it caresses my dreams of holding you. Tickle my thoughts with your signature of a kiss, serenade my soul with taste of eternal nectar gently embedded with your resemblance. Tease my heart with promising echoes of a voice awakening my comatose state, opening my eyes to truthful beauty in the eyes of a woman capable of loving this writer. Reveal to me all that I’m missing, demonstrate your secrets of genius, making this kinda love with you more than a worth while privilege. Can I embrace this experience with you, only you?

– C.A. Thomas