The Paintbrush Of Expectations.

A child can teach us the responsibility of parenting and as the reward itself is garnered through expectations. It’s too easy to disappoint, so cruel in painting a canvas of hope if you’re not willing to demonstrate the details to a child who’s eager paint their own. I’ve learned that it’s wise if not best to never hold expectations on anyone who may not exactly fit the role of an artist. Sometimes it’s better to observe the view from a distance instead of jumping in to finger paint.

I need my own paintbrush.

– C.A. Thomas

Dancing In The Rain.

Let’s try something different. Take my hand as I guide us toward the rain. As the drops seep beneath our pores, inhaling life’s cycle as the water begins moving in motion with our bodies colliding. The sky is flickering, adrenaline rushing, afraid of lightning possibly ruining our chance of writing our signatures amongst the gentleness of grass beneath our toes. Hold me as I kiss you, tender you with all my love of warmth eager to be released. Follow me, grab me into the darkness of the unknown. Savor me till our taste forms the unforgettable taste of rain.

Dance with me.

– C.A. Thomas


Could Court give you butterflies or bring forth nervousness in a room where a jury summons could predict a verdict? Could a woman of virtue and grace instill in a man’s heart the ability of “courting” her with only one expectation? Her ambitious love for a man should keep him on his toes, never growing comfortable. Could a woman of substance cause a standing ovation in a crowded room? Is her presence powerful enough in realizing how close she is within reach? Sometimes she could be a dream, maybe she could make the strongest man feel a bit timid……. isn’t that what a Queen does?

– C.A. Thomas

The Value Of A Penny.

Crave attention so much I’d pay a fee of service. Is it worth the price? For a limited amount of time in getting to know someone in hopes of guessing the nature of their well being? I reach in my pocket only to discover lint and a tarnished penny. A penny I observe closely as I reveal the year it was established. (1983) it reads, the year I was conceived and brought forth into a world where people would spend their last to impress a desire that requires more effort than an honest hug. Attention is the accident we’ve all practiced, closely succeeding only in failing with attention overlooked by the fantasy our seekers discover in another. We’re the penny that carries more value than its price. Our worth multiplies by the person who’s willing to save and cherish the penny for two reasons: where it was found and how it is cared for.

– C.A. Thomas

Catch Me

Falling hard is how I’m feeling lately. My knees have weakened, even in practicing different stances to keep my balance. I can easily recollect on the good I’ve done but I’m falling, still losing a balance I once believed set in stone. If I were caught I’d embrace the capturer, soaking in tears I never knew were there, staring in a pair of eyes I never knew were watching, hearing a soft voice my ears have yet to earn. Catch me so I’ll become yours, teach me in understanding the ways of you, adoring you, loving you, appreciating every part of you that’ll intensify my inquisitive.

Catch me, hold onto me.

– C.A. Thomas

Henry (Fidell)

Dedicated to Andrea & Christian.

Never met a true hustler till I met you. We have our stories, our versions till we meet the individual who’s character reveals the path we’re destined to cross. My version of you is recalled like yesterday’s recollection as a man known in creating opportunities beyond the inevitable, giving your best in seeing others succeed before your very self. Only God knows your heart more than we’ve anticipated, only God knew your smile better than we’ve speculated and only God granted us to you in a period that convinced us all that no matter what….. even angels can make the doubtful believe that good has walked amongst us. Rest on Henry, God has you now.

– C.A. Thomas

Unmatched Intimacy

We come from two different worlds yet here are, unmatched not realizing the potential we could awaken from each other. Let’s begin with a smile I can simulate with practice, a hug I could generate through trust, a kiss I could feel in relief. Sharing our stories implicating our laughter, our sadness, our failures, our triumphs bringing our unmatched doubts closer than before. I wanna experience this form of intimacy, this exhibit of loyalty our bodies can easily translate.

We’ve suffered long enough.

– C.A. Thomas